2015, Vol 1, No 3, Pages 84–119


Pages 84–85

Sugar: A taxing problem

Author: David Haslam


Pages 89–94

Growing up not out: The HENRY approach to preventing childhood obesity

Author: Kim Roberts

Pages 96–99

Obesity: Time to re-examine care for pregnant women

Author: Sangeeta Agnihotri

Pages 108–115

Is there a place for low-energy formula diets in weight management?

Authors: Adrian Brown, Gary Frost, Shahrad Taheri

CPD Module

Pages 100–107

The impact of obesity on male fertility

Authors: Val Bullen, Simran Judge

In the News

Pages 114–115

Healthy New Towns – again!

Author: Tam Fry

Obesity Digest

Pages 117–119

Very-low-calorie diets: An under-used tool

Author: Matt Capehorn