Latest Issue:

2015, Vol 1, No 4, Pages 124–167


Pages 124–125

A glimmer of hope?

Author: David Haslam


Pages 126–127

How should we deliver obesity services?

Author: Julian H Barth

Pages 128–129

Menu labelling: Is it informed choice if the information is incorrect?

Author: Matt Capehorn


Pages 132–140

A retrospective evaluation of an adapted group weight management intervention for adults with intellectual disabilities: Waist Winners Too

Author: Nathalie Jones

Pages 149–157

Translating research evidence into practice: A community-based lifestyle programme for the prevention of type 2 diabetes

Author: Anita Bowes

Pages 158–163

Bridging the gap: SHINE – a Tier 3 service for severely obese children and young people

Author: Kath Sharman

CPD Module

Pages 142–147

Treatment of adolescent obesity

Author: Virginia Blake

In the News

Pages 164–165

Kids, on yer feet!

Author: Tam Fry

Obesity Digest

Pages 166–167

Breakfast: Do we really know what advice to give?

Author: Matt Capehorn