2015, Vol 1, No 2, Pages 41–79


Pages 44–45

Obesity in the UK: Where next?

Author: David Haslam


Pages 48–50

Childhood obesity: One epidemic, or two?

Author: Terence Wilkin

Pages 52–53

Who should deliver behaviour change or psychological therapy in Tier 3 weight management services?

Author: Colette Boyden


Pages 61–67

Biochemical monitoring and micronutrient replacement for patients undergoing bariatric surgery: A review of British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society guidelines

Authors: Hazem Al-Momani, James Williamson, Beth Greenslade, Vicky Krawec, David Mahon

Pages 68–73

Ten Top Tips for the management of patients post-bariatric surgery in primary care

Authors: Helen Mary Parretti, Carly Anna Hughes, Mary O’Kane, Sean Woodcock, Rachel Gillian Pryke

Pages 74–77

Obesity: All in the mind?

Author: Jen Nash

CPD Module

Pages 54–59

DebateGraph: A new way to address the complexity of obesity

Authors: Val Bullen, David Price

In the News

Pages 46–47

David Cameron for Obesity Czar

Author: Tam Fry

Obesity Digest

Pages 78–79

Obesity Digest

Author: Matt Capehorn