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Launched in April 2015, the British Journal of Obesity – the official journal of the National Obesity Forum, in association with the Obesity Management Association – is a quarterly, peer-reviewed publication for all healthcare professionals with an interest in the management of obesity.

The British Journal of Obesity provides up-to-date discussion and content to assist healthcare professionals in providing a unified, multidisciplinary approach to this modern-day epidemic, and welcomes articles for peer review from clinicians active in the field of obesity management who have experience to share, even if they have little or no experience in publishing papers. Read by general practitioners, practice nurses, dietitians, psychologists and bariatric surgeons, the British Journal of Obesity is rapidly establishing itself as the publication of choice for healthcare professionals managing this global health phenomenon.

The British Journal of Obesity is published by SB Communications Group, part of Schofield Healthcare Media Ltd. SB Communications Group is a leading specialist publishing and events company aimed at healthcare professionals working in the area of obesity and diabetes.


  1. George Posford

Editorial Manager

  1. Richard Owen

Editorial Director

  1. Paul Shepherd

Business Development Executive

  1. Katy Bayliss


  1. Simon Breed

ISSN 2058-1688 (Print)
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